Welcome to People-Powered PharmaTM

It’s Time to Heal

It’s no secret that the health system is broken. 60% of Americans have a chronic illness, 40% are in medical debt, and 91% think pharma puts profits over people. Today, pharma is incentivized to only research and develop drugs based on proprietary chemicals, since that’s where they can make money. In pharma’s incentives game, we’re all losing.

Ushering in a New
State of Health

At Love, we’re truth seekers interested in data-backed solutions for healing, no matter where they come from — diet, dance, or drugs. We’re building the world’s fastest-growing digital community of people with chronic and neglected illnesses, and launching the Love DAO and Love Token to unleash the power of that community to vote on and fund trials to develop tomorrow’s cures.

Launching the Universal
Token of Healing

Together, the Love DAO and Love Token represent the first decentralized approach to People-Powered Pharma™. Through the Love DAO, members of the community can submit clinical trial proposals, and share in the upside when treatments are launched. Our expert blockchain team has experience building unicorn startups and launching world-changing DAOs.

We're Powered by
the People

Love is building the world’s fastest-growing digital community for people with chronic and neglected illnesses like Long COVID, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. Our forums are a space for patients to connect, form community, and find answers. By the end of this year, patients will  be able to participate in medical surveys and directly fund life-saving research through the platform.

We're Building a
Healing Movement

At Love, we’re building a healing movement that’s greater than any single company. The Love umbrella includes a collection of game-changing health brands as subsidiaries and partners. From novel therapeutics like psychedelics to guided meditation to cutting-edge diagnostics, Love is on a mission to connect innovative healing solutions to a brand that patients can trust.

Our Name is
Our Promise

Today, there is no single pharma company that people love. Healing is still an opaque business, and it’s time to usher in a new era of transparency. Putting patient outcomes above profits at every turn, we’re building a new state of health fully aligned with your needs.

A Fearless Team of Operators & Leaders

We’re on a mission to help you heal. Bringing together a revolutionary team of leaders in technology, science and medicine, Love is building a new movement in health that puts you at the center of your own health journey.

Ryan Breslow

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kevin Horgan

Chief Medical Officer

Martin Samami

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Moriarty

Vice President of Strategy

Karissa Paddie

Vice President of Operations

Gian Scozzaro

Vice President of Business Development